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Research on some of your options for thinning or balding hair

•Minoxidle/Rogaine is vascular dilator. It forces open the pores nature seals with wax to keep the hair follicles safe from predatory organisms, yeasts, molds, bacteria and the future hair you are to grow when your old ones would have naturally shed

Other reports state it forces open follicles sealed shut by DHT caused by an enzyme, 5 alpha-reductase that mutates your testosterone causing the DHT

by-product that clogs your hair shafts. Their product does not protect your hair from the invaders or deal with the internal issue causing the problem.

This product will only offer minimal results for a few years.

When you stop using it your hair will fall out as admitted by the manufactures.

•Propecia is an oral drug to stop the body from turning testosterone into DHT which the organisms love to eat. It is very dangerous to pregnant women and small children even if touched. It can cause impotence in men. When you stop using it you will lose hair again. Some people build up a tolerance to it and then it stops working. When this happens people have reported having a huge, quick hair loss.

•The problem with Propecia is that some of the men who take it — less than 2 percent — experience some sexual dysfunction, such as impotence or reduced sperm volume. “That is too high a price to pay to treat baldness for some men."

•One (antibiotic) if taken orally will allow for people to grow their hair back. It kills organisms on the scalp that are responsible for most balding issues. The organism eats a stress hormone and plows down your hair to get to it. Men or women cannot take it for extended periods of time because it will cause complications to your stomach flora and impair your immune system.

•They know a drug used for rheumatoid arthritis will work. It stops pain by turning off the immune system that causes inflammation. It will help some people to totally grow their hair back in 6 months. The problem is it turns off the immune system. Though in doing so the body does not make the protective wax to keep the follicles safe. The hair is released to grow but once again not protected from the destructive scalp predators that eat stress hormones and scalp yeast. They do not know how long the hair will last once they stop taking the drug. My guess is not long.