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Shear Speculation..Oh to have long soft locks to style

Click the link to read the research page on current protocols being tested for balding, if you have not already done so.

After some of your own digging into the facts you may come to some of the same conclusions that I have.

My full research is provided in the book offered here with the 3 month program.

The following briefly covers the highlights of my findings.

There are organisms that eat stress related hormones.

Funguses, yeasts, mites and bacteria can cause balding.

Sometimes an outside condition or organisms can cause balding.

The body makes more wax to seal in the follicle to keep it safe until external conditions improve.

Forcing open those follicles without the support to destroy the stress eating organism will lead to eventual complete hair loss.

Inflammations in the body are linked to hair loss.

Sometimes internal disorders disrupt proper cell signaling for hair growth.

Sometimes misfiring with brain signaling can be the root of the problem.

Sometimes it is drugs like statins, antihistamines, antidepressants or chemo's that disrupt liver, enzyme or mineral functions which will lead to balding. Some chemo will cause permanent balding.

DHT a by product of testosterone mutated by a 5 alpha reductase enzyme may clogg the pore of the hair folicale stressing it's viability and cause it (them) to fall out.

Your hair is really a by product of your blood and the liver cleans the blood. If your liver is stressed with toxins, yeast, drugs or has a brain signal misfire balding can occur.

Toxins to the liver include yeasts, funguses, metals, pollutants, chemicals and some prescription drugs.

Taking natural and organic products that support healthy hair growth and remove the conditions that cause the 5 alpha reductase enzyme to mutate the testosterone to DHT in both men and women, will promote better hair growth.

My first shear speculation is that visiting a good naturopath can help you to clean up your blood and system functions.

This will help you to clear up any internal issues causing balding issues. They will also guide you in nutritional support and help to eliminate reasons your body may be in a inflammatory state.

Second speculation is in visiting a masseuse, foot reflexologist along with a good acupuncture specialist will aid you in supporting your goal to achieving a full head of hair and a healthy body.

They can help you to address your liver, kidney, bladder and reproductive energy meridians, which also govern hair growth on your head.

Yet another speculation is you may need to learn how to chill out by meditating or taking herbs that will help you to relax.

Ask the naturopath for advise here.

Final speculation is to use a safe, natural and gentle cleansers. Take advantage of the amazing night cream, day gel and shampoo offered here. They have been proven to assist with keeping your scalp and hair clean in a way that will help you to overcome thinning and balding hair issues

Miraculous hair growth results are had by many through mother nature's herbs and flowers. They are ready to assist you in the Holy Cow! Hair Care Product Line. Helping to give you the look and feel of a full and lustrous head of hair.

Take care of your body..your mind..and your spirit. This I feel will bring many of you great success in your mission to once again have a beautiful and full head of lustrous hair.

This is my shear speculation.

Good success and the best of health to all of you!

Margaret Gegenheimer

My dream is to one day offer salon care that address hair loss issues in a holistic way.

Supporting the body to clear up the internal issues that cause balding while supplying external hair care products.

Providing the quickest results while providing a most enjoyable experience.

Private hair growth consultations are available by appointment only by calling 973-714-4204